Library Cum Resource Center

Library Cum Resource Centre

The School Library will open throughout the school day and will be a vibrant, busy and popular area of the school where students are able to study, work and read in an engaging environment.

All students are encouraged to use the wide range of exceptional and diverse resources available to them within the library for assistance and progress with their studies, as well as for leisure and general interest, and to enable them to develop their study skills.

As well as computers are linked to the internet with coloured printing ability, there are numerous tables and seating areas for individual and/or class use. There will be well stocked selection of resources to facilitate effective study and support wider reading.

All students are automatically members of the library and can borrow up to two resources at any one time for a maximum of two weeks. The library stocks a variety of resources for all levels and abilities, including;

  • Modern fiction, classic novels, graphic and Manga novels, short stories, poetry, plays and autobiographies.
  • Information books covering subjects such as cookery, art, geography, history, sciences, sports and religion.
  • Reference books including encyclopedias, English and foreign language dictionaries and atlas guides (please note, most reference books are for use within the library only and are therefore not available for loan).