PN Foundation School is under the aegis PN Educational & Welfare Society established for the purpose of spreading true education to all.
Our learning environment will be balanced with cutting –edge infrastructure which will include state-of-the-art facilities for an ambient learning environment. IT innovations and assimilation into class room delivery will be the rule. Nurturing individual talent and addressing individual needs will be an ethos rather than a forced compulsion for our teachers. The environment of the campus will be such that each student feels emancipated and wish to stay more and more in the campus
In defining our core purpose we have distilled many ideas, feelings and voices that make up our international community. ‘Through learning’ captures our endeavour to encourage lifelong learning in everything we do, and remain curious and motivated by the world we live in. To ‘inspire all to make a difference’ expresses our collective desire to see and enable achievement as a personal goal. It embodies our drive to enrich and contribute positively to the people around us, both near and far.
The school will promote a curricular programme which will encourage the development of initiative, responsibility and decision-making in students and develop their skills in critical thinking and problem solving, honing their ability to work independently and co-operatively, as well as their creative abilities and communication skills.

The town immediately requires a child centric and development oriented institution which can create an environment of innovation, outcome and focused individuals. The school will follow the best practices of good schools across the country with same ethos and vision.